Family Therapy

In family therapy, the focus is on assisting families as they manage challenges, stressors and transitions. Merrimack River Wellness is focused on ensuring that each family member has a voice and contributes to the shared vision and development of plans and strategies to achieve understanding.  Merrimack River Wellness approaches family counseling with families from a family systems model.

Are you a parent of a child who is struggling related to gender identity, anxiety, or ADD/executive function challenges?  Perhaps your family is adjusting to your child's gender transition, or you are seeking to better understand your child's behavior.  Merrimack River Wellness provides a safe and supportive environment to explore and process these challenges.

Parenting Support & Counseling

Parenting can be overwhelming.  Merrimack River Wellness provides therapy services to parents and caregivers who may be navigating their child's learning and/or behavioral challenges.  Perhaps you have decided that you do not want to repeat parenting patterns that existed in your family of origin.  Some of the areas that Merrimack River Wellness can assist with navigating are:

  • Twice-exceptional children

  • Excessive gaming/screen or Internet use

  • Understanding gender identity and/or sexual orientation

  • Anxiety and depression

  • Executive functioning and/or ADD/ADHD

  • Collaborating with schools and supporting effective Individual Education Plan (IEP) implementation

Merrimack River Wellness: LGBTQ+ inclusive and supportive counseling services in Newburyport.