Insurance reimbursement is available for the following insurances:

ALLWAYS Health Partners

Blue Cross Blue Shield

Harvard Pilgrim

Tufts Commercial

United Behavioral Health

Out of Network

Merrimack River Wellness works with other insurance companies who reimburse for services rendered, often referred to as "out of network benefits."  You must check with your insurance company as to whether they offer out of network benefits.  Generally, they will reimburse 50-80% after the annual deductible.  Merrimack River Wellness is happy to complete and provide the necessary paperwork to assist you in being reimbursed for the cost of therapy.

Some insurance companies will allow a therapist to offer a "single case agreement" or "provider accommodation," which essentially means that they will contract with the service provider even though they are not in network.  They may agree to do this if there is no one in their network who is an expert in the services you are seeking.  You must contact your insurance company and find out if this service is available.

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