Merrimack River Wellness: LGBTQ+ inclusive and supportive counseling services in Newburyport.


What is Therapy...

Imagine therapy helping you and your family uncover the strengths that you already have in you.


Imagine therapy being the vehicle for you and your family to learn new skills that will allow you to deal with the challenges that arise in life.   

Imagine therapy as a successful interaction between you and a therapist who has your best interests first, and who allows you to embrace and build upon your strengths.

Imagine therapy as an opportunity for you to learn to be compassionate towards others, but most importantly towards yourself.

Imagine therapy helping you access tools inside of you that can help you cope in a different way.

If you are motivated to "do life differently", whether that be in parenting your child or being true to yourself--- Merrimack River Wellness is here to guide you in that process--in a way that respects YOU, your knowledge and your experience.

Consultation, Supervision & Training

Clinical Consultation: For licensed mental health professionals who need one-time or ongoing case consultations regarding work with trans-identified clients.

LCSW supervision: Clinical supervision for individuals who are working towards their licensure in Massachusetts (requirements set by Massachusetts Division of Professional Licensure).

Training is available to agencies and organizations related to understanding, and developing best practices in affirming gender identity in youth and adolescents.

To request consultation, supervision 

or training