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Therapy & Guardianship Support

Family Therapy Overview

In family therapy, the focus is on assisting families as they manage challenges, stressors, and transitions. Merrimack River Wellness is focused on ensuring that each family member has a voice and contributes to the shared vision and development of plans and strategies to achieve understanding.  Merrimack River Wellness approaches family counseling with families from a family systems model, and IFS informed approach.

Guardianship Support

Assistance to parents, families, and caregivers of individuals about to turn 18 or over 18 who may require a guardian to assist and support decision-making. We will help determine whether pursuing guardianship is appropriate, and meet with providers, family members, and the individual in need of guardianship to advocate and document the level of support needed.

We are licensed to complete the clinical team report to support guardianship petitions.  This includes:

  • Providing information and resources to caregivers regarding the guardianship process

  • Reviewing all necessary evaluations/records/assessments (IEPs, neuropsychological evaluations, psychological assessments etc).

  • Meeting with the family and individual in need of guardianship, as well as caregivers in order to complete an accurate and timely Clinical Team Report

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