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Alone we can do so little,

together we can do so much.

- Helen Keller


(All groups open to individuals
residing in MA, ME, CT, VT & NH)

Having an ongoing community of other transgender, gender-expansive and/or neurodivergent people can be immensely helpful to those navigating their gender and neurotypical expectations. Share your experience, hear from others, get feedback from the facilitator, ask questions or use the group to gain insight or movement in areas where you may feel stuck. There is no pressure to talk if you don't want to, and accommodations are available--all experiences are welcomed.

All groups are (60-minutes unless otherwise noted), informed by Internal Family Systems (IFS), focused on providing a safe space for transgender, neurodivergent and gender-expansive adults, regardless of transition status or gender presentation.  Group format includes check-in and group discussions and exercises focused on the age and needs of the members. The cost for groups is $50 per session (effective January 1, 2024), insurance is accepted and scholarships are available based upon need and availability.  

**A brief intake interview is required prior to entry into all groups.

Virtual Transgender, Non-Binary and Questioning

Adult Group (age 50+)

Monthly, Monday, 6:15pm to 7:30pm 

Open Enrollment

Virtual Neurodivergent, Transgender, Non-Binary and Questioning 

Young Adult Group (Over age 25)

8 week group

Open Enrollment**

**Groups are filled through rolling admissions, so while we may aim for a particular

start date, we won't communicate a start date until the group has adequate enrollment and everyone

has completed their intake appointments.

Virtual Neurodivergent, Transgender, Non-Binary and Questioning 

Young Adult Group (Under age 25)

Every other Monday, 4pm to 5pm

Open Enrollment

Navigating Your Autistic Neurodivergent Identity

Psychoeducational and Therapeutic Group,

Enrolling for January 2024

8-weeks, Every other Monday,

5pm to 6:15pm  (FULL)

Accepting registration for next session

A space to explore and connect about your own autistic neurodivergence, in community with others with a shared experience. This group is designed for newly diagnosed (whether formal or via self-diagnosis) individuals or those early in the process of exploring their autistic identity. From an IFS informed and neurodiversity affirming lens. Many insurances accepted.



Groups are in 8-week blocks over a 16-week period

Are you the parent of a child under age 18, or an adult child 18+ who is transitioning or recently came out as transgender or gender expansive? Are you the parent of a younger child who is questioning their gender or has told you they are transgender or non-binary? Are you navigating the intersectionality of your child's gender identity with neurodivergence? These are eight-week Internal Family Systems (IFS) informed groups focused on providing community, building parental resilience and providing strategies on how to support you and your family as you walk the path of exploration and/or transition with your child.

Parents of Adult Transgender or Questioning Children

(Adult Children 18+)

Every other Wednesday, 5:15pm to 6:15pm

Enrolling for Winter/Spring 2024

Parents of Neurodivergent and Transgender or Questioning Children (Over Age 18)

Every other Tuesday, 5:30pm to 7pm (FULL)

Enrolling for Summer 2024


The cost for groups is $50 per session or $80 per couple

Insurance is accepted* (see list of insurances accepted)

Use the contact form below to request information on a group!

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