The cost of therapy should never prevent someone from receiving services.  Merrimack River Wellness works hard to provide services accessible to all.  We accept several insurances (see Insurance).  If we are unable to provide services, we will provide you contact information for other providers that may provide care that meets your financial needs.

  • Fees are expected at the time of services.  Fees are inclusive of all services rendered, meaning that if we need to coordinate services with another provider, write psychosocial letters regarding your care, or communicate with your insurance company, there is no extra charge.  There may be some instances, as specified below, that may require an additional fee:

  • Attendance at offsite meetings, including IEP, 504 and case management meetings may not be covered by your insurance.  The charge to attend these meetings is $100 per hour.

  • Video/Telehealth consultations are available in clinically appropriate cases.




For your convenience, we accept cash, credit card or check.  If your check is returned, we will charge the bank fees to your account.  We are happy to write a receipt for taxes, flex spending or out of network insurance reimbursement.


Initial intake/consultation     $175                                     

Individual/family session       $150       

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