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Hope is important because it can make th

Hope is important because it can make the present moment less difficult to bear. If we believe that tomorrow will be better, we can bear a hardship today.

- Thich Nhat Hanh


Treatment & Assessment

Individual therapy is available for adults dealing with the following issues:

  • Questioning/Exploring Gender Identity

  • Gender Dysphoria

  • Letter Writing for HRT and Surgery

  • Intersex Traits

  • Transition Support to Adulthood/College

  • Neurodivergence

  • Adult Autism/ADH (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity) Assessment

  • Parenting 

Adult Autism/ADHD Assessment:  I am trained in adult autism assessment. I have a specialty in assessing adults assigned female at birth (AFAB) and gender minority presentations. The assessment is typically conducted over five (1 hour) sessions. Included in the assessment:

  • identify client's assessment and non-assessment goals, discuss implications of diagnosis

  • Complete MIGDAS-2

  • Review family background and life history

  • Complete and review SRS-2 results and DSM criteria

  • Complete the Adult Sensory Checklist

  • Review diagnostic formulation

  • if there is a question of co-occurring attention deficit hyperactivity, additional measures (DIVA 5.0, ASRS, BDEFS) will be used to provide diagnostic clarity

**There is a separate fee ($200 per assessment) for testing interpretation, scoring and review of any previous testing/historical documents that is not covered by insurance.  

The SRS-2 and MIGDAS-2 are the primary assessments that are used, along with the self-assessment tools, CAT-Q and the RAADS-R .


Social Responsiveness Scale, Second Edition (SRS™-2)

  • Measures Social Responsiveness providing five scores including: Social Awareness, Social Cognition, Social Communication, Social Motivation, and Restricted Interests and Repetitive Behavior. 

  • Can be administered remotely for adults.

  • A total composite score (T-score) of 59 and below is considered low to no symptomology and generally not associated with an autism diagnosis. A total composite score between 60 and 65 is associated with mild to moderate deficits in social interaction. Scores between 66 and 75 are considered to display a moderate deficit in social interaction, and a score greater than 76 is considered severe and strongly associated with the clinical diagnosis of autism.


Monteiro Interview Guidelines for Diagnosing the Autism Spectrum, Second Edition (MIGDAS-2)

  • Structured interview process for gathering and organizing the qualitative information needed to diagnose autism in children, adolescents, and adults.

  • We only administer the version for adults with verbal fluency.

  • Does NOT provide quantitative results but is a structured format to evaluate individuals for autism.

  • Can be administered remotely for adults.

Benefits of an autism/ADHD diagnosis:

  • a path to self-acceptance

  • reinterpretation of experiences and behaviors

  • access to resources designed to support autistic community

  • feelings of relief as you finally understand yourself and emotions better

  • validation and appreciation for your unique neurotype


Coaching Services: If you reside outside of my areas of license, you may use virtual coaching services for brief psychoeducation and/or consultation. Treatment and diagnosis are not available as part of coaching services and these services are not reimbursed by insurance.

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