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Are you a parent of a child (including an adult child) exploring gender identity, having challenges with self-regulation, anxiety, sensory processing and/or ADH/executive function?  Perhaps your family is adjusting to your child's gender exploration and/or transition, or you are seeking to better understand your child's behavior.  Merrimack River Wellness provides a safe and supportive environment to explore and process these challenges.

Lisa knows that being a parent can be one of life’s greatest gifts, and also can be extremely challenging.  She endeavors to create a place where parents of children of all ages can come to address these challenges. Lisa knows how easy it is to neglect your own self-care, while being a thoughtful, intentional parent.  She can help work with you to create a more realistic balance of care, expectations and one that can truly make parenting easier to manage.


Currently accepting registrations

Groups are in 8-week blocks over a 16-week period

Are you the parent of a child an adult child 18+ who is transitioning or recently came out as transgender or gender expansive? Are you also the parent of a neurodivergent child (ADH/Autism). These are internal family systems (IFS) informed eight-week groups focused on providing community, building parental resilience and providing strategies on how to support you and your family as you walk the path of exploration and/or transition with your child.

Parents of Adult Transgender or Questioning Children

(Adult Children 18+)

Every other Wednesday, 5:15pm to 6:15pm

Registration Open

Parents of Neurodivergent and Transgender or Questioning Children (Over Age 18)

Every other Tuesday, 5:30-7:00pm (Full)

Registration Open for Summer 2024

The cost for groups is $50 per session or $80 per couple

Insurance is accepted

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